Community Building

Student Satisfaction & Retention

We all know that retention is a major challenge. As education marketing consultants, we are acutely aware of the resources that go into attracting and converting students, so retaining those students is clearly equally important. This is not only because losing students depletes ROI and makes no business sense, but also creates narratives within the student community that something is not right with the experience. So why do students go through the process of evaluating and committing to an institution only to leave in the months that follow (or even to not show up on day one)?

the challenge

Retaining students is the desired outcome, but the process is the important part. Understanding students’ pain points and sharing that information early so that the institution can respond is a critical part of student satisfaction. How do we do that through existing channels of communication? How do we ensure that the insights gained from engaging with students' feedback on marketing, operations, and academics?

the opportunity