Community Building

Evangelist Program

What do they say about you? Generations Z and Alpha are building friendships and trust with those they have never met in the offline world and increasingly turn to this space for advice and insight before committing to a choice of institution. These conversations happen in. spaces that institutions could never (and should never) seek to control. In such a space, you need more people in your corner, authentically involved in your community, and able to articulate that welcome to others. The simple recommendation is one of the most powerful tools in student recruitment, and it comes from strong community building.

the challenge

There is no shortcut here. Institutions can not control the content of these interactions. Trust is critical here, and attempts by institutions to script the message can fall flat as marketing-savvy digital natives detect that inauthentic tone. What you need is an evangelist to speak on your behalf, but in a way that comes from what they truly feel.

the opportunity

We work with evangelists who already feel and have shown a positive connection with your institution and its community. Whether a current student or alumni, NEO can work in partnership with evangelists to help them find the right online spaces in which to interact, and get their own message across. These are not “student representatives” but rather community members whose authentic support of your institution can be developed and articulated. In this new space, the institutional voice cannot be in the room, but those who can speak on your behalf must be there.