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Sales Academy by NEO

September 1, 2020

A cornerstone of how we work at NEO Academy, is that we empower our clients for more sustainable results. We do not believe in transactional and short term business with no accountability afterward. NEO Academy is all about sustainable partnership, and that means empowering your institution to be the best it can be.

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Why a Sales Academy?

The NEO Sales Academy is a central part of this. Perhaps you have new team members that need some support and onboarding in the sales process. Or maybe your team in general could benefit from new ideas and approaches to upskill their roles and functions.

Not everyone has the time to study at home on top of a busy career, or to leave employment altogether to retrain full time. Yet the world of sales and customer experience is constantly evolving and the environment becoming ever more competitive. So how do you stay on top?

There are companies that you can call to do training sessions that help with new technology, new processes, new ideas, etc. However, this does not mean that a culture of learning is embedded in your organization. The training sessions are ad-hoc and very often follow a one size fits all approach.

Many companies have now started to implement modules that offer training to employees and managers and the possibility to get certifications and awards to be a better fit inside the organization. This more personalized learning pathway for employees is much more likely to yield positive results. Team members learn what is most relevant to their role or ambition, and get recognition for every step on the journey.

And that's just it. Learning is a journey that never really ends. If lifelong learning opportunities are embedded in the DNA of your organisation, you will have happier employees with a more fulfilling and progressive career. Talent and experience can’t be built in one day, and NEO Academy passionately believes in lifelong learning pathways to prepare staff to be better trained, more engaged, more productive and more self-actualized.

Sporadic training with off-the-shelf workshops that are not well aligned to organizational goals, just isn't as effective as having a long-term strategy. Research has shown that companies with long-term goals and structured learning paths are more successful than companies focused on short-term objectives, which tend to rush processes that become confusing and time-consuming (not to mention expensive).

At NEO, we believe that relationships are part of this journey to lifelong learning. By bringing the NEO Sales Academy inside your organization, we can build pathways together, get to know your team and your way of working and make sure that the training we develop for your organization is built upon first-hand knowledge of who is in the room and where they want to go.

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What does a Sales Academy involve?

At NEO Academy we offer high quality bespoke training which answers three key questions:

  • How can we improve our internal and external communication? Neo's Marketing and Recruitment training provides you with the skills and best techniques for internal and external communication of your institution/programs. The many departments inside your organization will work more synchronously and communication with your external audience will be much improved;
  • How can my team learn to use a CRM in a way that suits our needs? Our bespoke CRM training supports you to make the most out of Salesforce and/or HubSpot CRM. It is essential for your institution to keep track of leads and store information properly. By knowing how to use such software intuitively, you will be able to automate many tasks and save time that can be dedicated to more qualitative tasks;
  • What is the best way for us to work with agents? Neo's agent training helps you to have a clearer idea of how to create or develop your network of agents and how to work seamlessly with them. By having agents work with you, you can showcase your institution more effectively in key markets and reach new markets that were previously hard to access.

With NEO Sales Academy working closely with you, we can build pathways of professional training that fits your needs. A growth-centric strategy with personalized learning at its heart will show your team that their success is at the heart of everything your institution does.

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