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We have a wealth of experience working with universities, from public to private sector institutions of all sizes. We do not boost student enrollment through quick fixes that need constant revision in the volatile and challenging higher education market, but by building in solutions and processes that are intelligent and sustainable. From student portals to engagement and conversion strategies through workflows, we empower your team to take things to the next level. Do it the NEO way!

K-12 Schools

K-12 education is an emotional business. Our bespoke solutions help your school to connect with parents in a way that builds trust, confidence and results. Our training solutions make sure that your team is confident to handle the streamlined recruitment processes, and we ensure that you get the data insights you need to tweak and iterate in this fluid environment. From tailor-made student recruitment funnels to innovative engagement strategies, NEO’s got you covered.

Language Schools

The language school market has undergone a challenging period recently, and it is time to get creative. With years of experience working with clients from all over the globe, we know where your students are and how to reach them. Let our targeted approach make sure that every conversion is not only cost-effective, but smooth and efficient too.

If your type of institution is not listed here, but you like what we do, find out here if we are a good fit!

our clients

Case Studies

For reasons of competitive advantage, we take confidentiality seriously. The following case studies therefore must be anonymous, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with them.

The one with the French blueprints

They say that France is the land of romance, but when we arrived, there was no love lost between the international admission team and the CRM they were using. The internal processes they were using just didn’t fit with the CRM setup and, besides, everything was being done manually. No automated workflow processes meant their CRM was basically just used for storage...

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The one in Spain with big ambitions

Our friend in Barcelona started small, but not for long! They came to NEO with 3 objectives:
1. To increase the number of on-campus students in their middle & high school
2. To raise awareness of their school 
3. To officially launch their virtual campus programs with a sufficient number of students to get started...

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The one where Alejandra made a personal commitment

We don’t want to give the impression that we only want short-term relationships, because it really is about what you want, and sometimes we make more long term commitments when that feels right. This was the case in Switzerland, where our partner was really interested in the extensive personal network of contacts and experience that Alejandra, our CEO, has in the industry...

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The one with the fresh face

Switzerland. Crisp, clean, and no better place for a fresh start. Our friend in Switzerland was struggling to stand out in a very competitive market. They had grown quite quickly but reached a point of stagnation, where they needed a fresh approach but just did not have the resources in house...

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The one with the orchestra,
and the origins of NEO

An orchestra, as you know, is more than a group of musicians. To create a symphony, there must be uniformity of purpose, but also each player must perfectly understand the part they have to play. That does not happen overnight...

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