Case study #3

The one where Alejandra made a personal commitment

Case Study


We don’t want to give the impression that we only want short-term relationships, because it really is about what you want, and sometimes we make more long term commitments when that feels right. This was the case in Switzerland, where our partner was really interested in the extensive personal network of contacts and experience that Alejandra, our CEO, has in the industry. 

At that time, this institution had only been up and running for a couple of years and their only recruitment channels were referrals and paid media campaigns. They were looking for someone to come in and build their admissions and marketing departments from the ground up, and make more of a long-term commitment to their growth. They called Alejandra. 

Our initial analysis revealed that the agents market was not the right channel for this particular client because of the potential of other channels for their very niche program. They had also been working with educational portals, but they were not properly integrated and were not generating the expected leads. Unsurprisingly, the client was frustrated, and the fact that their CRM was only being used for a fraction of its potential was not helping either.  

Their existing paid media agency was not prioritising the client, because they were just not big enough to bump them up the list. Communication was sparse, and the agency was not using the right tools to analyze the data they extracted. It was time to move away from the one-size-fits-all agency and adopt a more human approach; something which suited the very personal feel of the school. 

We began with the educational portals, not only making sure they were set up and integrated correctly, but also advocating for convergence of all information within the CRM, for better performance and growth tracking. The impact was huge. The institution asked Alejandra to take the internal role of CMO to ensure close collaboration could continue. As good partners go, we couldn’t ask for a better fit, and Alejandra remains on board as a team member to this day.

The challenge

  1. Unresponsive paid media agency unable to fulfill institution’s potential
  2. Underperforming CRM with huge labour inefficiencies
  3. Unsuitable recruitment channels for niche
  4. Low lead generation
  5. Lack of workflow structures in marketing and admissions team

The solution

  1. A 3-month implementation of the new CRM, including automation of emails, workflows, landing pages, etc
  2. Improved the functionality and effectiveness of the sales funnel
  3. Supported the website redesign and content review to ensure consistency
  4. Embedded a lifelong learning program within the marketing and admissions team on best practices in marketing and student recruitment
  5. CEO came on board as their CMO and member of the Executive Committee

key Outcomes

  1. Increased network of stakeholders through internalization of CMO role
  2. Increased employee retention rate. 
  3. Leadership academy, each member has a voice and a key responsibility.
  4. +54% in internationalization diversification (number of different countries per intake) in three years
  5. +63% turnover in three years through a 68% increase in spring semester enrollments and a 33% increase in the fall semester.

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