About Us

What we do it?

As an education marketing consultancy, it’s more about you. From small organisations that are still working with paper and filing cabinets, to fully digital institutions that just need a fresh perspective, we can deliver. We make the marketing and recruitment process work smoothly, and ensure that, as  our partner, you are empowered to build forward without us. 

Designing structures and strategies from the ground up or revamping what you already have, we are experts in CRM and automation, recruitment and conversion, strategy and training. Find out more about the services we offer.

Who is NEO?

NEO Academy is an education marketing and recruitment consultancy. That is the strapline, but there is a lot more underneath. We have seen a lot of different ways of working out there, and we want to walk a different path. Our own path. 

By supporting institutions that we really believe in, we contribute to a positive future in education. Institutions that embrace innovative education and help young people to find and achieve their purpose. Institutions which are  authentic, values-based and guided by purpose, not only by profit. 

We design the blueprints together, walk together through the build, and then the keys are yours. If you want the company, we are happy to take the spare room, or leave you to it. You might even ask us to come back and refresh the interior, or even build an extension, but it will always be yours, and so will the decisions that come with it.


Meet Charlie,
our Digital Experience Officer

Let's meet the team.

Why We use the word academy?
Three reasons.



Because as a consultancy we are part of education - not an agency on the sidelines offering services to all comers, while holding ourselves closer to corporate values than to the spirit and purpose of education. We add our voice to the discussion, and try to make an impact wherever we can.



Because training is a key part of what we offer our clients. We want to empower partners as a consultancy of experts, and not as an agency that drip feeds services that never end. As you can see in the team bio we are all very independent people, and we want the same for our clients.



Each NEO team member is not only highly skilled in critical aspects of education marketing and recruitment, but also constantly learning and evolving in this fast-paced environment. What use are yesterday’s solutions in the world of tomorrow?